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Our Process 

Our Process 

No two people are the same and our advisors know this better than most. Our deep financial knowledge and broad life experience informs our every decision, with only one goal in mind: your ideal future.  Your purpose in life, your values and goals come to life with a well maintained financial plan.

With decades of experience, we’re excited to help you prepare for every eventuality, no matter what.

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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We believe in Service above Self and believe every person deserves access to sound, financial advice that is clear, concise and compelling.

Our corporate philosophy is to help you recognize that you were created by God in His image, as a unique individual possessing a wide variety of gifts and talents. There's no one on the entire planet like you. Our role is to help you grow into who God made you to be while helping you steward the financial resources you've been given. We will help you discover what it means to be really Living, Learning, Giving and Earning at whatever stage of life you're in, be it a business owner, retiree, working professional etc...  When you recognize and maximize the resources God has given you, you give Him all the glory.    

We do this with unwavering Integrity, Authenticity, and Creativity. We recognize and surround you with some of the brightest and sharpest minds in the financial planning industry, providing you with plans and strategies to potentially accomplish more than you could have thought or imagined.  

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The Differentiator.

Purpose Driven Planning

Are you familiar with  the parable of the sower in Matt.13:1-23? In the financial world, think of your money like the seeds in the parable. On the road of life, some choices you've probably made or places you've invested have produced nothing or very little and you're not seeing the rewards you'd like. Yet other investments (seed) may have fallen on fertile ground and produced a consistent, steady return-maybe even something sizeable. Life can be like that.

As a practical matter in the investment world, only 6.4% of investor returns are linked to asset allocation. The remaining 93.6% is tied directly to your Behavioral Management*.  Ever heard the phrase "Emotions are running high?" Bad choices and bad habits are your financial freedom's biggest enemies. Taxes are number two, fees are a distant third. How you behave with money - or how and where you plant your seeds and manage your crops are the #1 determination in shaping your financial future. 

Our existing clients have learned that turning to us for financial advice in advance, helps them make wiser and frequently better financial decisions. But what they really come for is a sense of purpose. Your best financial decision-making process should be determined first and foremost by your God given purpose in life. 

A purpose filled life will not only drive your core values and goals, but will enhance your life and all those around you- you'll be contagious.  We live to help you understand WHY your decisions are important and WHY your heart compels you to invest your time and money in the places you do. Our highly skilled team will walk you through the traditional financial planning process- but then through an exciting exercise entitled Purpose Driven Planning. Through this, you'll understand not only why you're here -but certainly why we're different.
Source: The 93.6% Question of Financial Advisors, Meir Statman,2000

Your Goals, Our Strategies

Discover an array of services for all your financial needs.

    • Investments

      The majority of our clients enter with a minimum of $250,000.00.  Stonebrooke Wealth Management Inc. can provide for you a wide array of personal, private money managers and references to tax professionals suited to help pursue your needs for an agreed upon fee.

    • Retirement

      Far too many advisors claim to be "experts" when it comes to retirement planning. From an educational standpoint, they're just not, or they're general practitcioners. Many don't realize the responsibility it takes to walk clients through the multitude of traps faced in retirement. We on the other hand, are the specialists. The Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP) designation along with a host of other advanced designations and experience in our industry provide you confidence knowing you're choosing a team equipped to handle the most complex retirement needs.

    • Philanthropy

      One of the most rewarding things you can do with your life is to give. Being philanthropic and learning to invest time, talents and treasures is life-changing for the giver just as much as it is to a recipient.  This is where Purpose Driven Planning comes in and separates us from other financial services firms. With over well over 100 years of collective experience, we'll help secure your legacy for generations to come.

      • Purpose Driven Planning

        When looking for a financial services team, you may soon discover they all begin to sound very similar. Some may be more creative in their delivery but, at the end of the day the processes are all pretty much the same. We believe that different isn't always better, but that better is always different. Enter Purpose Driven Planning. Possibly, no ones unlocked in you what it really means to live, learn, give or earn. YOU are never to old to set a new goal or dream a new dream. We'll help you unlock the reasons and answers to your "Why" things, people and activities are important, then  help you get there.     

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Helpful Content

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