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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect as a client of Stonebrooke Wealth Management Inc.?

Our firm provides you with advice and expertise in virtually all aspects of your wealth management. Each client has a team of people who work for you in developing and implementing strategies that give you the opportunity to work toward your stated goals. We meet regularly and communicate frequently. You can expect us to be creative, proactive, independent, objective, and technically skilled.

What if I have other professionals I’m working with?

We regularly work collaboratively with your other professional advisors. If you are not working with an accountant or attorney, we will refer you to one. Since we typically have the most client interaction throughout a given year, it’s not uncommon for us to be the “quarterbacks” for our clients in coordinating with other professionals. We keep a deep file of professionals available to you for any given need.

Who is your firm’s typical client?

Since there are only so many First Class seats available and we deliver a concierge style
of service, we only accept a certain number of clients each year. The minimum investment for our clients is $500,000.00. Additionally, with our LPL Trust Services team, we are capable of handling the largest and most complex estate work. Retirees or near retirees want to know whether they will have enough to comfortably retire and how their money should be invested to help with this comfort. With decades of financial planning experience we are equipped to create custom tailored strategies from basic to the most complex portfolios.

Business Owners – When you own your own business, you often need help with regard to decisions about reinvesting in the business or diversifying. Estate planning becomes extremely important, as do family meetings. Having created a successful business ourselves has given us both the knowledge and the wisdom to counsel our business owner clients.

Executives – Stock option planning is often a critical component in executive compensation. We have extensive experience in understanding black-out periods, holding requirements, incentive stock options, non-qualified stock options, and stock trading plans. We will work closely with your firm’s Human Resources department to satisfy all compliance requirements

Inherited Wealth – Often clients come to us after receiving inheritances. This is an area where our expertise in blending the financial and emotional components of money decisions really comes into play.